Spreebs are the followers of The Polyphonic Spree. They are true fanatics, often seeking out every recorded moment possible of The Spree. They search the world over via eBay, bit torrent sites, and magazine and record shops for more material either on or by The Spree. Some Spreebs have been known to travel to different countries or continents to see The Spree perform and meet other Spreebs.

Many Spreebs gather daily on the forum to discuss every possible aspect of the band. Being a vast and various group of music fans, they range from beginners who read an article or heard a song and are interested, all the way through to band members past and present, their spouses or family members.

Spreebs try to make each new show special, as the band themselves do. Gathering beforehand, arranging huge meetups for big shows, they can organize balloons and banners for shows and help set up and take down Christmas decorations as volunteers for the big Christmas show aka Holiday Extravaganza in Dallas, Texas.

Spreebs love the band and music and will do as much as possible to feel 'as one' with the band. Some would, indeed, bear a tambourine or triangle and join in the show if permitted. Brian Teasley has noticed the audience participation factor and often allows Spreebs and others to play his marching drum. The drum was misplaced only once after a show since this practice began and was returned via the forum, so Spreebs are not so fanatical that they want to steal the band's equipment. Quite a few band members, such as Andrew Tinker in the early years, have engaged in crowd surfing. Brian Teasley has taken up this practice at recent shows.

Spreebs are easy to spot at a Polyphonic Spree Show. They are the ones in the front of the queue handing out biscuits. They can also be the robed fans, sometimes with tethered balloons. And many Spreebs are the ones glued to the front barriers either actually or almost talking to the band as they perform. Sometimes Spreebs pass their banners or props such as homemade suns to the band as well.

Spreebs are usually the last ones out of the venue after a show, and sometimes hang out at the merchandise stands chatting to the seller (who they may know personally). They also chat with and/or ask for photographs with the wandering Spree musicians before and/or after the show, who, now unrobed, are invisible to non-Spreebs.

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