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History Of The Polyphonic Spree Forum

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Upon the demise of Tripping Daisy, there was alot of talk with a group of fans that had gathered at Everyone was wondering what was going to happen. Soon, there were rumours that Tim Delaughter was starting a new musical project that was unlike anything fans had seen before. There were also rumours that it would be called Sonic boom, Sonic bloom, or something similar sounding (the TD song Sonic Bloom was supposed to be an inspiration). Since there was so little info on The Polyphonic Spree at the time, and not even Tim knew where it was going at the time, there were tons of rumours being thrown around. Even that the remaining TD members would stay together and just rename the band. Then the rumors of classical instruments started showing up. Soon after, the TD forums were shut down and people were told to join the yahoo forum... Those who did not join the yahoo group were out of the loop from then until The Spree announced their first show opening for Grandaddy in July of 2000.

In 2001, Michael Musick started the first Spree forum with Jason Basa, to coincide with his Spree site. It was called the Arborwood forum.

Then, the official forum came about. The board changed colours to coincide more with the colour explosion of the TWH robes.

Around the beginning of April, 2006 The Polyphonic Spree forum was removed without warning. Suddenly, only a logo and link The Fragile Army blog was in place and the fans scattered. Many members began discussions in the comment section of The Fragile Army Blog that was being kept during the recording process by the band. TJ (Play-Doh) created a temporary Spree forum which helped fill the void. Peter (TheSpider) came along and joined forces with TJ as administrator while Sarah (Summergirl) and Gail (no1rockfan) worked as moderators.

Weeks after the temporary site was launched, Sean (Devdog) bought the domain and the site moved. Sean (Devdog) and TJ (Play-Doh) now serve as administrators.

The Polyphonic Spree Forum now has hundreds of members and is the first place for the latest Polyphonic Spree info.

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