20095th Annual Holiday ExtravaganzaA Long Day
A Long Day Continues / We Sound AmazedA Reality Tour 2004Acceptance
Across the Narrows Festival - October 2nd, 2005All DeadAmerican Spring 2005
American Summer 2004Andrew TinkerAnnie Clark
Apotsala WilsonAtlanta Upstart Festival - July 10th, 2004Audrey Easley
Australian Tour January 2005Benicassim Festival - August 4th, 2005Billy Doyle
Brian TeasleyBryan WakelandBuffi J.
C4tsitolocCarlos JacksonCassie Doyle
Chris BrownChris CurielChristy Stewart
Citizens of the SunConcert HistoryCorn Mo
DallasDavid BowieDays Like This Keep Me Warm
Debate MontageDiamonds / Mild Devotion to MajestyElizabeth Brown
Empty RoomsEnsure Your ReservationEurope 2005
Europe Autumn 2004Evan HiseyEvan Jacobs
Everything Starts at the SeamFields Glide Without MotionFirst UK Tour
Five YearsGet Up and GoGood Records
Guaranteed NightliteHOOPS, Yes!Haldern Festival - August 6th, 2005
Hanging Around the DayHanging Around the Day (release)Have a Day / Celebratory
HistoryHold Me NowHold Me Now (release)
Hollywood Bowl - September 4th, 2005I'm CallingInternational Festivals 2003
It's the SunJames ReimerJamey Welch
Jarvis CockerJeff BouckJennie Kelley
Jennifer JobeJenny EspingJesse Hester
Jessica BerridgeJessica JordanJoe Butcher
John LamonicaJohn VineyardJoshua Jordan
Julie DoyleJustin's HypnosisKelly Repka
La LaLaura and AmyLight & Day / Reach for the Sun
Light and Day (release)Light and Day EPLight to Follow
LithiumLive From Austin, TX (release)Logan Keese
London 2004London Koko - August 15th, 2005London Koko - August 15th, 2005 (meetup)
Louis SchwadronLove My WayMain page
Manchester Academy - August 16th, 2005Mark McKeeverMark Pirro
Matt BrickerMatt SchraamMeetups
MembersMental CabaretMercury Tea
Michael MusickMichael TurnerMiddle of the Day
Mike MelendiMike St. ClairMissing Robe
Move Away and ShineMove Away and Shine (In a Dream version)Nicholas Wlodarczyk
Official ForumOh I Feel FineOne Man Show
Overblow Your NestPink Trash DreamRated R
ReleasesRick NelsonRicky Rasura
RobeRolalcrRoy Ivy
Rumour ClarificationRunning AwayRyan Fitzgerald
Scream & ShoutSkinny DipSlow Halls
Soldier GirlSoldier Girl (release)Soldier Girl EP
Some of the PartsSonic BloomSourness Makes It Right
Spree BiscuitsSpreebsStephanie Dolph
Stephen KirkhamSuitcase CallingTaylor Young
Test AreaTexasThe Adventure of Listening
The Beginning Stages Of...The Best PartThe Call of the Wild
The ChampionshipThe CrashThe Fragile Army
The Fragile Army (release)The Fragile Army TourThe Goodnights
The Great Color Scheme Massacre of 2004The Great Forum Massacre of 2004The Green Lights
The MarchThe March (Symphonic Version)The Polyphonic Spree
The Polyphonic Spree WikiThe Rebecca FantasyThe Ride
The SpeekersThumbsuckerThumbsucker (movie)
Thumbsucker (release)Thumbsucker Promo 2005Tim DeLaughter
Toby HalbrooksTodd BerridgeTogether We're Heavy
Together We're Heavy (Fragile Army version)Together We're Heavy (release)Tokyo Summersonic Festival - August 3rd, 2003
Town Meeting SongTripping DaisyTwo Thousand Places
Two Thousand Places (release)UK Autumn 2002UK Spring 2003
UK Summer 2003US Autumn 2003United Kingdom
United StatesUnofficial Spree ForumWait
Wait and SeeWatch Us Explode (Justify)We Crawl
What We Will BeWhat Would You Let GoWhen the Fool Becomes a King
Wig in a BoxWonderful For YouWorking Out The Kinks
Younger Yesterday
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